Learn How to Source Inventory for Your Online Business at the #1 Source for Wholesale Products - Trade Shows.

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Trade Shows are one of the BEST ways to source products and locate wholesale suppliers. Yet, the world of the trade show is often shrouded in mystery. Once only attended by brick and mortar retailers, trade shows are now a primary venue for product sourcing for the home based business owners.

Yet going to a trade show is vastly different from going shopping in your local mall and you must know how to navigate this exciting product sourcing option.

But once you do, you'll find it to be one of the most profitable and lucrative ways to source products and build a business!

Sourcing Products at Trade Shows

In this exclusive class you'll learn step-by-step EVERYTHING you need to know to attend a trade show and source products for your business.

By the time you're finished listening to this class, you'll be able to hit the ground running to locate, register, attend and profit from attending a trade show!

In this class, we'll cover...

Introduction to Trade Shows

What is an Industry Trade Show

Why is it Important to Your Business

What Kinds of Products Can You Source at Trade Shows

What Type of Businesses Attend Trade Shows

Preparing for the Trade Show

Selecting a Trade Show

Requirements to Attend a Trade Show

How to Register for a Trade Show

How Much Time to Block Out for the Show

Traveling to a Trade Show

Trade Show Attire

What to Bring to a Trade Show

Prepare for Product Sourcing

Your Supplier Spiel

Your Business Elevator Speech

Attending the Show

Overcoming First Time Jitters and Overwhelm

How to Present Yourself and Your Business at a Trade Show

How to Fit in Among the Experienced Retailer at the Show

Vendor Conversations: Putting the Advantage in Your Court

Day 1: Layout and Orientation

Day 2: Zero In

Day 3: Wrap Up

Leveraging Your Viewing Time & Maximizing Product Observations

What to Say at the Show

What NOT to Say at the Show

Product Sourcing at the Trade Show

Your Trade Show Goals What You Want from Suppliers

What Suppliers Want from You

Managing the Trade Show Feast - Putting on the Brakes

What Suppliers Want from You

When to Purchase at a Trade Show

When NOT to Purchase at a Trade Show

What to do When Your Eyes are Bigger Than Your Budget

Picking Out the Winners in a Cast of Thousands

Your Evening Trade Show Tasks

After the Trade Show

Taking Action

The Trade Show "Gotcha" and How to Move Past It

Product Follow Up

Supplier Follow Up


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